Patanjali Yoga & Naturopathy Guruvayur, Kerala – India

Patanjali Yoga Vidyalayam and Naturopathy will held regular classes in Yoga and Meditation. The courses are designed to make life less stressful, contented and harmonious daily life. Today’s valuable disciples will be tomorrows Guru.
Highly talented Guru conducting the classes with expert in the field of Yoga, Vedantha and Naturopathy. Patanjali Yoga Vidyalayam one of the oldest and strong Yoga training center with its 17 years rich heritage.
Naturopathy Treatments in addition to the yoga practice will purify our health too. We can maintain our self healthy and fit by various methods of using Air, Water, Earth, Ether and Fire along with daily food chart, medicines from nature and power of meditation.

New to Yoga ….

Yoga is not a medicine but it can cure all deceases if we practice it before getting decease.

The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit root yuj,
which means “to join” or “to yoke”.

Yoga is a method of relaxation and easing of tension and for some is a method of exercise promoting fitness and health and for a few is a means of healing of sicknesses, there are no limit of Country or Religion or Language or Age.

Our Services

Stress Relief, Improved Blood Circulation, Pain Relief, Better Breathing, Rejuvenation of soul and body , Sharp concentration, Weight management, Inner Peace and for simple life.

Yoga and Meditation ….

For self-development and self-realization.

Benefit of Yoga is endless and not only to physical health but yoga directly soothes mental health and thus makes life better with daily practice of yoga. Studies have shown that with yoga one will be able to relieve thyself of fatigue and   stress; it is also effective as anti-aging and also works as relaxing therapy to many. Yoga can cure certain diseases and keeps people away from taking drugs.
Our Services